Full-service supplier of air separation plants, oxygen and nitrogen generators and CO2 plants. Gas & liquid supplier to end users and to distributors of bulk liquids & packaged gases. UIG sells new and used cryogenic storage tanks, cryogenic liquid transport trailers, vaporizers and pressure vessels

Used Storage Tanks and Vaporization Equipment

UIG offers a continuously-changing selection of used cryogenic tanks for LOX, LIN, LAR and CO2 services.

Tanks available for sale can be provided reconditioned or "as is" depending on customer preferences.  

Contact us for information on currently available items that meet your requirements.

Universal Cryogenic Tank

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              Buy a car

              Buy a car




              Application Essentials

              In addition to used equipment, UIG offers a selection of new storage tanks and vaporizers for sale. 

              Please visit our new equipment pages for more information; and contact us for a very competitive quotation.

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              Vaporizers Pressure Vessels Cryogenic Trailers
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